Hello, I'm Ayitinya

I'm a software engineer and a web developer. I love to build things that are useful and solve problems. I also love to write about my experiences and share them with the world. I'm currently working on a few projects and I'm also learning new things everyday. I'm also a huge fan of open source and I love to contribute to open source projects. Checkout my articles below and if you want to know more about me, checkout my about page.

Recent Articles

  1. The Surprising Key to Software Mastery: Cracking the Code of Todo Apps

    Why are tutorials for todo apps everywhere and what they teach us about CRUD operations

  2. We Should Take AI Generated Responses With A Grain Of Salt

    This article explores the limitations of artificial intelligence (AI) and the importance of being cautious when relying on AI-generated results. While AI can provide impressive results, it is important to treat it as a tool to aid decision-making, not a substitute for it, and to verify its results to ensure their accuracy.

  3. How To Create And Publish Your Own Vue 3 Component Library To NPM With Typescript And Vite

    A step-by-step guide on how to create and publish your own Vue 3 component library to NPM with typescript and vite.

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